The Black Watch

The Black Watch James Crow was lost. As lost as one can be with GPS. Sometimes he liked being lost when hiking. He checked his phone's reception and location on the map app just in case. He was fine. He put his phone back into the side pocket of his backpack and continued hiking towards... Continue Reading →

Everyday Vignette #1

[A 'vignette' is a brief account, description, episode. When referring to a "story" it is usually a short one with no plot. Writing vignettes help me write descriptive narratives and expositions, which is my weak spot.] I see him everyday in the plaza where my shop is at. He moves slow. His right leg doesn't... Continue Reading →


My final words: I die as I came, a mystery borne of mystery. The ground I return to, billions of years old, no clearly known origin, no meaning. The life that surrounded me, the product of billions of years of incremental evolution, sans clearly known origin, sans meaning. The world I once existed on and... Continue Reading →

A Dreccian Sport

A Dreccian Sport A large fight broke out off campus after school, across the street in the parking structure. Brandon Lopezsmith was watching on the sidewalk, just outside the structure. There were about 20 Dreccs all dressed in Doc Martens, blue jeans, tank tops, grey suspenders, black crew jackets, and folded grey bandannas hanging out... Continue Reading →

Vices & Demons

He's my friend. Does heroin. He's Psycho. That's what They call him. On The streets. He Collects cans for His habit. He's a shibboleth. My skinhead friend Who does meth. He's Nein. That's what They call him. In Prison. He Robs people to Buy his drugs. He's a misanthrope. My friend who Sells dope. He's... Continue Reading →

Of Being Jaded

When I was younger, like in my teens, we lived out in Granada Hills and my birth mother and her sisters owned a donut store out in Van Nuys, way out by Pacoima and Burbank, near Glenoaks and the 210 freeway. The donut store was called Spudnuts. After dropping out of school, I got a... Continue Reading →

One Summer Break

One summer break I stole a pink roll of bubble gum tape from the corner liquor store. It was the only thing I ever stole. I was nine. The week before I was told to talk to Blob who worked at the liquor store to keep him busy. His real name was Bob. He was... Continue Reading →

The Gardener

[I threw down random cards and built a story out of them.] The Gardener It was another fight with the jerk. Angela was becoming tiresome of him, of his behaviour, her boyfriend Marvin. He had come home late that day, drunk, with the fragrance of another girl on him. It wasn't a perfume Angela wore.... Continue Reading →

Red Light

"One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster..." I can lead you, like a moth, into the red light and intoxicate you with wine and Thai sticks and dine you in the little eateries along the streets then get you drunk on the red light hookers and whores of all shape and size boys... Continue Reading →

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