RIP Tiff…

I'm still in a state of shock. My cousin Tiffany took her own life yesterday at 1PM. She was 27 years old... only 3 years younger than me. It's hard to believe at the moment. We grew up together. My own sister-cousin... we lived together at grandma's. This holiday season isn't going to be good.... Continue Reading →


Holiday Season

Every October, November, & December are busy holiday season for me. Family and friends, Asian & Western holidays, and all that. I leave the internet during this time. So... I'm going to sign off for Holiday Season and come back in January. See you guys! Happy holidays everybody.


You were excited. I saw the twinkle in your eyes. Broad smile. You were going to New York for a week with your family. Never left Southern California. I was secretly already missing you. Thinking about a week without you. Asked you to bring back a pebble for me. You said you would, and asked... Continue Reading →


Woohoo! I reached 500 likes today! That's so cool! That's pretty great for a few months of activity. Thanks everybody.

Monday Morning

So I woke up this morning. Laying in bed with Vanessa beside me, still asleep. I take my phone and place an order for a trade. I wanted to scalp the AUS/CHF - Australian Dollar vs Swiss Money - for some pips. Scalping is when you jump into a trade, steel a few pips real... Continue Reading →

Stress Relief

Bishop Parnell came home tired. It had been a busy day at the church. He stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt as soon as he entered his living room. His clothes thrown on the sofa. Grabbed a beer from the fridge and surfed the stations to see what was on TV. Nothing interesting. He... Continue Reading →

Things I Don’t Do

There are many things I don't do. My personal culture of person. Each person has their own private culture. What's a culture called when only one person observes/practices it? It's called a Habit. Your personal culture is your “Habitude.” Culture and Cultivate sharing the same root. A Culture is a Habitude a group of people... Continue Reading →

The Snowman

We went up to Mount Lemon. Snow in the desert. Made a snowman up there. The three of us. Childhood. Dunking bread in hot black coffee with sugar. The steam was as thick and white as the snow. We decided to make another snowman in the back of uncle's truck. To take him to the... Continue Reading →

First Impressions

First impressions. It's important for things like job interviews and dating. The fact the such a thing as 'the first impression' even exists and is so important socially – let's not forget or deny that we humans are social creatures – demonstrates to some of us, something about our human nature most of us would... Continue Reading →

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