Going Dark

Please be aware that this wordpress will be inactive from hereon. Everything I will write from now on will all be inside of Nexion Zine.

I don’t like spreading myself thin and writing everywhere. It takes energy and time away from writing essays, which I love doing!

So, just an FYI, this blog will be inactive therefore: don’t follow it. I’ll keep it up, just in case. See ya guys on the Dark Side! I’m leaving cyberspace.


Nexion Zine 4.1


Nexion Zine 4.1 is out and has been uploaded to archive.org.

Here’s the link: Nexion Zine 4.1

I’d like to thank everybody who sent their condolences regarding my cousin’s death. It’s honestly appreciated. I’m sorry I haven’t replied to some of your emails. I will soon. I haven’t been online since October. I wasn’t really in the mood. I’m doing well now.

I included a few pictures of Tiff’s funeral in this issue.  It’s just a few pix of some of my notable family members whom I often write about. I’m somewhere in one of the pictures somewhere. 2017 is the 4th year of Nexion zine.

I’ll be back after Christmas. You guys have a happy holiday season!


Watching Graphs

I like graphs. I’ve been watching graphs slowly move up and down for 10 years now [I’ve had other wordpresses in the past]. To me it’s fun to watch. I’m mostly familiar with the WordPress graph we see in our stats page. I find the graphs to be interesting. Mondays seems to be the day of the week I get the most hits for whatever reason, usually.


When I’m not working or hanging out or writing, I stare at a different kind of graph. The graphs are properly called ‘candlestick charts’.

I’m teaching myself how to trade [stocks and so on]. I mainly trade foreign currency. Those are the two thing I like to do: write and trade. I’m still an amateur at trading. Only been practicing [with real money] for a year and a half, I think.


Graphs can get sophisticated, packed full of information.

In the old days, I used to study my WordPress graphs, to see what days got the most hits and why, and what type of thing I wrote that day. From what information I collected, I’d learn to write/craft essays that my audience liked to read. The reader is King, as they say.

With sophisticated foreign currency graphs you get a huge amount of information. You’re brain gets used to processing that information into stuff your mind can understand.

You end up learning that the rise and fall of the value of money isn’t chaotic or random. It’s almost predictable… almost. I wouldn’t use the word “predict” because that’s a dangerous mentality to get into with trading. I would use the word “empath.”

You can empath the most probable Trend of the market. Meaning the most likely direction the value of the money will be probabilistically taking.

For instance, in the above graph/chart of the British Pound vs the US Dollar, the current Trend is a Drop; it’s going down; the US Dollar is kicking the British Pound’s ass. But in a few days, the Trend will reverse. And so as a Trend-Surfer [which is how I trade], you’d wait for those points of trend reversals, and wait for the appropriate signs and signals that confirm such, then you jump in the market and buy/sell some currency.

It’s like this feedback loop of evolution, where your environment influenced your development. With WordPress – over the past 10 years – the stats graph I watch have actually influenced my style of writing, how I articulate my essays, and so on. Now, as I’m teaching myself how to write fiction, I see the same process of development, where the graph is influencing me to adapt to how I write stories. It’s like a dance, where you the Writer dance with the Reader/Audience, and together that dance helps you evolve.

With trading, the graphs/charts helps you evolve in a different way: it sharpens your skills, where you learn from your mistakes, because every mistake you make is real money lost.

I love graphs. I don’t know why. They’re fun to watch. Representations of pure information. I’ve always been a sponge for pure information. I love the process of your brain having to interpret and process that information into something understandable to the conscious mind. It’s like Sparring…

And with that skill of being able to process pure information, you can then watch the World, and read Nature like a book of Graphs and Data Points and Patterns… then process all that pure information into philosophical concepts/insights. Which is what Natural Philosophy is. And I love Natural Philosophy. It is the foundation of both Science & Buddhism.



The modern world reeks of liberal sentimentalism
bleeding hearts of a pusillanimous generation
political parties that kowtow to their weeping cunts
the flaws of democracy empowers the common majority

common people who today ironically lack commonsense
blind to the consequences of their collective actions
to allow such a breed and people to take the helm
drives a country into decay and culture clashes

I have a presentiment that democracy won’t last another 200 years
climate change and global warming will change the world
deserts will grow bigger and more mass migrations will happen
and when those migrants become the majority of our nations…

Declaration Of The Acception

Declaration Of The Acception

.:.It was stated in Nexion Zine 3.1 that the “White Star Acception” will evolve and reincarnate into a new Form which would be unrecognizable. What we meant back then was that the White Star Acception has shapeshifted into the memeplex and weltanschauung of Boreialism.

The White Star Acception’s evolution and reincarnation was hinted at in Boreialism’s economic Flag. The Flag itself containing, in symbology, the very words “white star acception,” where the white circular field of the Flag represented Polaris the North Star, which is itself composed of a couple white stars, and the compass representing “The Acception” as was explained.

At the time Nexion Zine 3.1 was published, we were not legally and honorably permitted to use the name White Star Acception because Austria had taken an interest in the White Star Acception and had been given the White Star Acception in usufruct. In 2016, the White Star Acception returned to California, whereafter it was given a public restructuring in order that we secure the White Star Acception, in the public mind.

Now that the “White Star Acception” has been secured, it is our wish and will that the White Star Acception, and its volksgeist fully shapeshifts and reincarnates into its intended New Causal Form, which is the Memeplex and Weltanschauung of Boreialism.

As such, whatever constitutions the White Star Acception may have had are void and nullified. Whatever structure the White Star Acception may have had in its past is abrogated. Everything about the former White Star Acception is abrogated. Having been abrogated, the White Star Acception disowns and rejects anything written, published, or stated in public associated with its name before the year 2016.

The simple fact is, the White Star Acception has no need for such old aeonic forms as structure, leader, grades, constitutions. If the White Star Acception needs a “structure” it is the Memeplex of Boreialism that is its structure. If the White Star Acception needs a constitution, it is the Nine Fundaments of Boreialism and the Oath of Comradeship that is the Constitution of the White Star Acception. Thus, all individuals who have taken that Oath, are “associates,” “initiates,” “members” of the White Star Acception, in bona fide.

And so, to re-iterate: the name “White Star Acception” simply refers to and points at the Fellowship of Boreialists who have taken their Oath of Comradeship. That is all the White Star Acception is and will ever be henceforth. Thus, aside from the whole memeplex and weltanschauung of Boreialism, the White Star Acception has no prescribed laws, rules, codes, values, judgments, morals, views, which is “official” and which it blankets over its Comrades. There is beauty in diversity, and so let every Comrade be diverse in their conscience, beliefs, values, morals, religion, culture, etc. Lastly, the sign of the White Star Acception, the Trisickle, is now a symbol representing the Fellowship of Oath bound Boreialists. This public declaration will be appended to all future issues of Nexion Zine.


Orange County, CA



White Star Acception

Oh my god. I totally forgot about this. I was looking in my diary this evening… studying what things happened to me back in 2011… then I found a day in my diary where I uploaded a copy of the old White Star Acception WordPress, with Opus Vrilis chapters in it. I had made a PDF of it. It represents my earliest writings. About 700 pages of stuff.

Here’s a copy if anybody wants one: wsaOpusVrilis.

I’m not sure if the audio links work. I clicked on one and the mediafile there was gone.

That old White Star Acception WordPress was created and maintained by Saturnian352, an associate from Denmark. He was one of the early guys who has been around ONA for a while, and who – working behind the shadows – helped nurture ONA. He was also instrumental in helping give birth to the WSA352 back in 2008 and onward.

Most of the Septagram images floating around the internet and even used in some published books about the Order of Nine Angles, were created by Saturnian352.

Saturnian352 later created an ONA Blog called Projectpolaris.wordpress.com which was taken down several times by the WP people.

Saturnian352 is one of three people with access to the o9a.org website, given to us by Prozack of ANUS.COM for free, it lives in his server. He [Saturnian] organized and ran the o9a.org site during the early years, before the Old Guard team took interest in the site. The other two with access to that site are the Old Guard team, and me.

My Voice

During 2016 I had this little idea that I would make a video recording of my voice sometime in 2017 to celebrate my having been around for 10 years writing stuff.

It was just a tiny idea I had at first, which I was very reluctant to follow up on, out of fear that making such a video – to let my audience hear my actual voice, and what I sound like when I talk – would harm my mystique and “mythos.”

I’m using the word “mythos” very loosely here, to point at the mental or imagined “Chloe” that people who have read my essays have created for themselves in their own minds.

So, I didn’t tell anybody about that little idea I had, and I wasn’t going to do it. I just didn’t want to potentially harm my “mythos,” at the time.

But, oddly, and wyrdfully, when 2017 came around, one by one I would get these associates, friends, and penpals I know who would – out of nowhere – ask me about my voice, how I talk, what I sound like.

A couple of my friends/penpals even asked me to give them a recording of my voice so they can at least have a voice to put with all my writings.

And so I promised these handful of people that I’d make a video recording of me talking “sometime this year.” I was going to put it off, like forever.

I’m a genuine believer in Providence [the Living Cosmos]. It’s not a belief. It’s a knowing based on what I have experienced and what I have seen of Life. But my personal belief is that Providence is Formless. And being Formless, it interacts and communicates with each of us through others and through Nature.

And so, I believe that when people out of nowhere wyrdfully say things to you about a topic or subject matter you have been contemplating on secretly or privately, that Providence is Speaking through them to you.

I obediently follow the nudges of Providence; as I have been for these past 10 years. It’s never failed me.

The most recent associate who randomly – out of nowhere –  brought up my voice; saying that he’s never even heard it; was Beast Xeno: just a few days ago! I took BX’s wyrdful mention of hearing my voice to be a nudge from Providence telling me: “Well… do it!”

So, as I promised, I did make a short video recording of me talking. It’s short. I might make more randomly, if or when I think of something to say. But I don’t want to spread myself out too thin and make it a habit. I want to focus myself on writing essays and stories. I don’t want to do podcasts or have a youtube channel.

But I seriously doubt anybody out there is remotely interested in hearing me talk a second time. Besides, it makes me feel insane and uneasy talking to myself out loud all by myself like that.

A few associates have told me – correctly so – that one can learn a lot of revealing things about a person by hearing their voice and listening to how they talk normally. Agreed.

I’m actually not a mean person by nature. But my mood influences how I write often. And so, if I feel moody or angry, I write in a very assertive and aggressive way. But such writings are born from emotional agitation. I’m not a mean person at all. And I’m not aggressive or tough either, in the butch or bull-dike way.

At any rate. The voice video is over at my tumblr: HERE. It sounds better with headphones or earbuds.