Psychic Card Readings

I’m learning how to read Lenormand cards. I practice giving people around me – family and friends – card readings. I thought it’d be interesting to give practice readings to people I am familiar with in some way on the internet… I’m wondering if this will even work? Can there exist a connection between the reader and anonymous people in cyberspace??

Here are some readings; keep in mind I’ve only been doing this for a month, and so I still majorly suck at it. You can actually look up the meaning of the cards and interpret them your own way.


I asked the cards: “Why don’t the Old Guards like Kris of THEM?” And I got the cards: Ship + Bear + Clover + Rider + Letter. I like laying 5 cards down because you get quick answers but with a lot of detail.

When you read Lenormand cards the meaning of each card mutates because of two things: 1) the Question & 2) the cards it tessellates. And so you have to learn to interpret the meaning of the cards so that they fit [are relevant to] the question asked.

So here the Ship card means a “Longing” or “Yearning.” Because when you go on an extended journey by ship in the old days, you often get a feeling of homesickness, longing to be back home and so on. The Bear card describes what kind of Longing or Yearning.

The Bear card represents a “Boss,” “Leader,” “Authority.” And so Ship paired with Bear seems to suggest that Kris – perhaps in those days – had a desire or yearning to be some kind of leader or authority figure.

The Clover card is at the center. The center card suggests the gist or theme of the other cards. The Clover card means “Opportunity” and “Chance.” This third card further explains the first card. Here, the Clover card appears to suggest the descriptor: “opportunistic,” or someone who takes advantage of every “chance” they can get. Bear + Clover appears to suggest that Kris – back then – was opportunistic and may have tried to set himself up as some authority whenever a chance to do so arose.

The Rider card helps explain the Clover card. The Rider card here seems to indicate “New Comers,” or people that newly come into ONA. And the Letter card here would represent Kris’s own writings and teachings [Temple of THEM].

And so, if we put all 5 cards together, we get the picture of Kris – back then – having a yearning to be some authority figure, where he takes advantage of any opportunity he got to try to be such authority. The cards suggest that such opportunities has to do with people new to ONA, where he would give them his own writings and teachings.


I asked the cards: “Why are the Old Guards annoyed with Anna Czereda?” Because they seem to exert a lot of energy on her. I got the cards: Snake + Fox + Fish + Birds + Tree.

The Snake card is an interesting card. In a reading about love and relationships, the Snake card points to “The Other Woman,” meaning that your man is cheating on you with another woman. It describes a woman who is seductive, think Adam and Eve and the Serpent, if it is a love reading. But here, the Snake card may be describing Anna, suggesting that Anna is a Difficult person, and one whose words are venomous; meaning that she is very direct and frank with her words, and that what she says perhaps [unintentionally] stings.

The Fox card does indicate cunningness and intelligence. But it also indicates Fraud, Deceit, and being “Foxy.” Think of the old story about the Fox and the Crow, or even the wolf in Little Red Ridinghood. The Fox describes a person who is being deceitful sometimes, or one who is being two faced. Two faced here meaning that they act one way with you in front of your face, but they are different behind you. Or that such person’s interactions with you are not entirely genuine, or they may have a hidden motive. The Snake + Fox card suggests that Anna – at least from the OG’s point of view – is a Difficult person who doesn’t carefully watch what she says [how she speaks] and that she isn’t being sincere in some way.

The Fish card here means an Increase of something, because fish lay many eggs. This card is the central card, which give us the gist or theme of the other cards. Something about Anna, and why the OGs don’t like her or are annoyed by her has to do with and Increase in something.

The last two cards explains what such increase are. The Birds card represents: “Gossip,” “Chatter,” “Talk,” since birds chirp and sing a lot. The Tree card here represents Spiritual matters, as well as a “network” of family and friends [branches and roots of the tree]. Together the Birds + Tree card seems to suggest chatterings of spiritual or philosophical matters, perhaps within a certain network or organization of people.

And so, if we read the 5 cards together, we get the picture that Anna is a difficult person, who doesn’t watch what she says, and that what she says – her activities online – produces an increase of chattering, talk, debates, arguments; regarding the spiritual or philosophical matters of a certain network of people.


I asked the cards: “Is Darryl gay?” And I got the cards: Clouds + Lily + Ship + Birds + Woman. Pretty funny set of cards actually.

The cards pretty much say that Darryl isn’t actually gay. But, the Clouds card indicates “Confusion,” and the Lily card represents Sexuality. Together Clouds + Lily suggests that Darryl is Confused with his Sexuality, or that he is Unclear about what he likes as far as intimacy is concerned.

As a pair, Lily + Ship means that Darryl longs or yearns for intimacy, that he wants to have a close relationship.

Ship + Birds + Woman means that Darryl has a desire or yearns to have Conversations with a girl.

And so, when we read the 5 cards together we get the picture that Darryl is not gay, but that he may be confused with his sexuality, or with matters of intimacy; and that he really wants to talk with girls.


I asked the cards: “What will happen to Ryan Fleming this week?” And I got the cards: Child + Rider + Stork + Tree + Heart. I’m not good with predicting future events yet, so I really don’t know what those 5 cards are saying.

The Child card here means that something New/Fresh will happen. The Rider card here is actually topical. When indicating time, the Rider card means “Soon,” or “Next Week,” or “Within the week.” And so together Child + Rider seems to say that soon, within the week, something new will happen in Ryan’s life.

The Stork card is the central card, which presents the overall theme of the 5 cards. The Stork card indicates “Change.” It isn’t a major change, because in such readings dealing with short time frames, the cards’ meanings take on their Lite meanings and not their Heavy meanings. For example, if you get the Coffin card in these short time frame readings, it doesn’t mean somebody will die. It means that an event or situation will end.

The change seems to regard Tree + Heart. The Tree in this reading – I assume – is trying to indicate his “Family Tree,” and his Network of relatives and friends. I’m assuming this because Tree + Heart can indicate “Heart Problems,” and I think Ryan is too young to have heart disease.

I have a feeling that Tree + Heart in this case may be pointing at a romantic relationship [Heart card] which Ryan may have been in for a long time? The Tree when referring to time usually means “a long time” or “ages” because trees take a long time to grow.

All 5 cards are Positive cards, which suggests that if a Change regarding some kind of New Beginning in Ryan’s Love [Heart card] Life [Tree card] will happen, that it will be a positive change and nothing bad. But this change is minor.


I asked the cards: “What will become of ONA in 10 years?” And I got the cards: Book + Moon + Crossroads/Path + Letter + Scythe.

Book + Moon: The Book means “Secret” and “Mystery,” because in the old days, most people could not read, and so stuff in books were a mystery to them. Those people who could read often kept journals, which is a diary of secrets. The Moon card represents your “Face” – as in the Faces of the Moon. Face meaning how others know you and see you. Together Book + Moon seems to indicate that the ONA will sink into obscurity? Like it will be Unknown.

The third card explains why. It is the Path or Crossroad. This Crossroad card means a Fork in the path where you have to make a decision about which path you want to take. Each path has its own consequences and resultant outcome.

And so, the cards seem to say that in time, the “ONA” will end up making a choice, to go into a direction, which will cause it to become unknown, irrelevant, obscure.

The forth card – The Letter – helps suggest what this all deals with: Writings, Written documents, MSS, “teachings,” blogs, and so on. Perhaps in time, the ONA will produce writings and lessons that will take it into a direction which will eventually lead it into obscurity.

Then the final card needs no explanation: End, Finished. Together, the 5 cards seem to suggest that in time, the ONA – as an “institution” – will go into a direction, via the writings it produces, which will push it into obscurity and that it will die off. Since we’re dealing with long time frames, the weight [their meaning] of the cards are Heavy.


Make Playing Cards


A couple weeks ago I had the playful idea of making an “ONA” deck of Lenormand cards, like how Beesty Boy made an ONA deck of Tarot cards. So… I was surfing the internet aimlessly searching for Lenormand cards to look at. I found a very beautiful deck called the “Lenormand Watercolor Collection” at an interesting website:

The site is called and it lets you create your own deck of cards/tarot with whatever images or art work you desire, and then you can sell them via your own market place. I thought I’d just share that site with some o9a people since there are a few who like making their own Sinister Tarot artwork.

I bought a deck of the Lenormand Watercolor Collection. The cards are very good quality. The material the cards are made of is thin yet sturdy plastic. The cards are each about the thickness of two pieces of paper. So the company seems to make quality cards.


The deck I bought had hand painted artwork done in water color by a woman. Her paintings are really beautiful. I especially really love The Woman card and The Man card with the 5 o’clock shadow. She does a very good job with faces. This deck came with two of certain cards: two female person cards [for lesbian readings], two male person cards [for gay readings], two heart cards, and two fish cards. You pick which of the two you like and use that one in a reading. That guy in the second man card does look like a fag.

I put down 5 cards to see what Vanessa did today while I was at work. I got the cards: Garden + House + Key + Cross + Dog. She had a get together [garden] at her place [house] and figured out a few things [key] about some issues [cross] she’s had with a certain friend [dog] of hers. Pretty accurate.


I put down 5 cards, asking the question: “How will David Myatt die?” I actually got very interesting cards: Scythe + Tree + Anchor + Stars + Letter!!

The Scythe card means a sudden end, a quick cut, since you use this tool to cut your crops fast. The Tree card means health, as well as Life. Together [the cards paired] they seem to suggest that David Myatt will die from a sudden loss of life, or a sudden loss of health. Or that he will just one day die quick almost unexpectedly. The Heart card didn’t show up, so it doesn’t seem to be a heart attack. The Anchor card – when it represents body parts – signifies the Hips and Pelvis. Perhaps as he grows older, his hip and pelvis bones will become weak, and he will fall??

Interestingly the cards show that how he may die isn’t even important, because only one card out of 5 is related to death or ending/removal/harvest.

The Tree card actually fades into The Anchor card which begins to suggest what his sudden death will bring into being. The Tree card – as you can see – also means Legacy, and that card is paired with the card it tessellates, which is the Anchor, meaning Secure, Stable, and Persistent. This pairing [Tree + Anchor] seems to indicate that the Legacy DM will leave behind will be stable and secure: that it will Persist even after he is gone.

The Anchor paired with The Star suggests “Persistent Fame/Notoriety/Recognition.” And finally The Star paired with The Letter gives us an indication of what kind of fame or notoriety it will be. The Letter card can represent an actual literal letter, but symbolically, the Letter card represents things such as emails, any medium of communication, writings, documents, written or spoken words, telephone conversations, teachings, lessons, and so on. And so The Star paired with The Letter suggests that the Fame or Name which will persist after DM dies has something to do with his writings. Pretty interesting.

Anyways. If anybody likes making artwork, and desires to make their own tarot cards or something, try!



Interesting DNA Predicament

Hmm, I’ve been thinking about DNA all week… One idea I’ve always hated regarding Neo-Darwinism is the idea of “mutation.” Where you are told that it is because of mutations that evolution takes place, and new species come into being. I like the idea of “Natural Selection,” but not “mutation.”

This morning, as I was reading the news on my phone, I wyrdfully chanced upon this article:


Basically, the way that we were taught how DNA replicates itself in school is that the chromosomes are made to look like the zipper of your pants. Enzymes come in and unzip that zipper. Then other enzymes come in and read the two halves of the unzipped DNA strand and begin stitching together the new strands of DNA. The whole process is made to appear very coordinated and purposeful. As if some invisible engineer or intelligence was orchestrating the whole process.

It turns out that what we were taught in school is wrong. Not only is the whole process Random, but there is actually no coordination: each element/aspect acts on its own accord autonomously. Naturally, this new discovery has caused the scientists to ask the question: If the process is random and if there is no coordination between the elements involved, then why doesn’t Mutation occur more often?

The old model – analogously – would be like building a house, where you have one single construction company doing the building. The construction team is all coordinated, everyone is on the same page, everyone is working Together to build a house. This turns out to be bogus.

The new discovery – analogously – shows that there is no single construction company orchestrating the construction. Each team – the carpenters, the electricians, the plumbers, and so on – is autonomous, and doing their own thing, and not coordinating with each other: BUT YET… the house is still completed perfectly without deviation or mutation. How is this so?

I like this. It’s the beginning of a paradigm shift, which will eventually influence a new perspective on our concept of evolution, since DNA/RNA replication is a Fundament of the theory of evolution.

I’m hoping that Rupert Sheldrake will eventually find this new discovery about DNA replication, because it does lend credence to his idea of Memory Fields and Morphic Resonance. Topically [ Source of Article ]:


I hate the idea of homeopathy. It’s gay and ludicrous to believe that you can put something in water and dilute it a thousand fold, and believe that such water still contains the essence of that something. But hey, I can always be wrong!?

I like researching concepts I hate. So I was spiraling around Google on this topic and I accidently stumbled upon this bizarre experiment by a French scientist who placed DNA in a test tube of water, then he removed the DNA, then he diluted that water hundreds of times, and then he placed into that water the ingredients to build DNA: and the ingredients constructed themselves into a copy of the DNA which was originally in that water.

It sounds incredibly outlandish [to me]. I did more research and found youtube videos of the experiment. The experiment did produce the result of the DNA being replicated. But the scientist who conducted the experiment speculates that the water itself has the ability to “retain” “memory,” here meaning that the water “remembered” the DNA that was placed into it. I personally doubt this speculation at the moment, because I have a better explanation: Sheldrake’s Morphic Memory Fields.

Essentially, what we are seeing here are very tiny cracks in the dam of Scientific Materialism. It will take a few decades for Postmaterialist Science to blossom: but it will, if things continue in this trajectory.


Zero Sum Game


Wikipedia describes a “zero sum game” as: “a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant’s gain or loss of utility is exactly balanced by the losses or gains of the utility of the other participants. If the total gains of the participants are added up and the total losses are subtracted, they will sum to zero.”

In other words, a zero sum game is when one participant’s winnings is equal to the other participant’s losses. And so in some cases, a game of poker can be a zero sum game. In some cases, chess and checkers are also zero some games.

I actually never knew there was a term for such games and competitions… until I began to trade stocks. The Stock Market is a huge Zero Sum game. In the Stock Market, when somebody earns/wins money, it means somebody lost money: and when you lose money, it means somebody won your money and put it in their pocket.

In a way, playing the Stock Market is like playing poker with millions of other people. It’s also a legal and “respectable” way to rob people blind of their money: so I learned the hard way. By the way, “investing” and “trading” are two very different things.


About a year ago, I was wondering if there were any phone apps that lets you play the stock market, right on your phone. I found a few, and I downloaded one app called “Robinhood,” which doesn’t charge commission. I funded my Robinhood account, and began buying a handful of stocks: knowing absolutely nothing about the Stock Market. I bought mostly pennystocks. I also started using Stocktwits, which is a very popular social platform for stock traders. It’s actually fun. As you can see from the picture above, I didn’t last long. After a few weeks of losing my money, I quit and took my losses. I figured that I lost all that money because I jumped into something I knew nothing about. And so I went to learn shit.

I spent about 7 months trading in the currency market, which is easier to learn. The currency market is a 5 Trillion dollar market. It’s the market where George Soros made a billion dollars betting on Thai money against the US Dollar. People get on George Soros’ case because he also made a billion betting against [“shorting”] the British Pound during an economic recession. And so while millions of British people became poor, lost their homes, and went hungry, George made billions. Life itself is a Zero Sum Game. And I love it! I love the idea/concept that you can win and force mundane people into poverty, hunger, and misery. I love that you can legally steal their money, rob them of their life savings, rob their mundane children’s future college funds. The financial markets is one of humanity’s greatest inventions!


The trick to trading is learning how to read the graphs [called “charts”]. Once you can read the graph, you can read and understand any financial instrument: stocks, currency, commodities, metals, bonds, futures. Each bar tells a story. The story is a fight between two opposing forces, two opposing teams: the Bears and the Bulls; and the Supreme Law that governs the fight and struggle between the two sides is the Law of Supply & Demand. The Bulls want to push price and value Up to gain their profits. The Bears want to push price and value Down, to buy more.

The Law of Supply & Demand dictates that when something is abundant in the market, it decreases in value/price; and when something is scarce it increases in value/price. And so, when a currency has been overbought, the value and price of that currency will begin to climb up, and the Bulls will dominate. When currency has been oversold, the value and price of that currency will drop, and the Bears will dominate. Usually, Bulls are represented by green or blue bars and Bears by red bars.

And so, I spent 7 months trading the currency markets, and studying everything I can about this subject matter. All of these graphs, bars, money movement, are merely the superficial surface of an ocean: to my surprise, there exists the unseen philosophical depth which 90% of the people in the markets never dive into to see. I dove into the depths of the “Market,” because I love philosophy, and I wasn’t disappointed. What I ended up learning, resonated with me.

Into The Deep

There is a “religion” or prevailing belief-set/memeplex in the Market and in the greater mundane economic science itself, roughly called “EMT” or Efficient Market Theory. Basically, the gist of EMT are the following: 1) The Market is an entity, 2) the Market is a system, 3) the Market utilizes information, 4) the Market uses this information to evolve over time to become more efficient. It gets far more complicated, so complicated that many people from the EMT camp have won Nobel Prizes in economics.

The prevailing religion in economics and the market in a way is the belief that an economy or a market is like a living tree, which evolves and grows. And so, the objective then – based on this belief – is that if you study how this tree functions and grows, you can help the economy become better or you can make money in the stock market.

This religion of EMT is actually the same Neorealist vector modern Statism and Statists come from. In Neorealism [the modern view of the State], the State – a country/nation – is seen as an entity, an organism. And as such, it consumes information, metabolizes resources, evolves, competes for territory, struggles and “behaves/interacts” with other such organisms [states].

The despised “heathens” of this prevailing religion of economics and statism are the “Behaviorists.” The Behaviorists are “neofundamentalists.” They keep things simple, and regard the fundamental substrate of a market, economy, or state: the Human Being.

And so Behaviorists believe that it is the human being, and human nature that influence and dictates the movement and behavior of the stock market, the economy, and the state; not scientific laws, not Nobel Prize winning economic theories, not information, not their academic priests. In other words: the economy, stock market, and state are not “organisms” and they aren’t evolving. Furthermore, the Behaviorists believe that in essence, the mass of human beings are a blind and idiotic mass which – as a collective mass – function on the most basic of parameters: Greed, Fear, & Need. I’m naturally a Behaviorist.

The Market From A Behaviorist Vector


Each bar tells a story: the story of fundamental – blind, idiotic herd mentality – human Greed, Fear, and Need; of human behavior. We’re looking at a snapshot of two countries’ economies: Great Britain versus America in the above picture and their currencies.

The EMT believers like to do their magical divination act to predict the Future movement of the market, which they call things like “fundamental analysis”. Fundamental analysis is when you basically study the day’s news, figure out the health factor of the economy, study the corporation you are buying shares of, study the words and advice of “experts,” so on and so forth. Then, with your collected data, you buy a stock or invest in a company, having “predicted” the future movement of the market.

As Behaviorists, we just ride the momentum of the Herd. It works pretty simple. For example, a bank may sell some of its money to a foreign country, and thus cause a tiny red bar to form. This causes some people to become Fearful of losing their money, so they remove their money: which helps push the red bar down further. As the red bar gets bigger, this causes more people to Panic, and they remove their money. This causes more red bars to form. This in turn causes a huge amount of people to panic, and they remove their money so as to not lose their hard earned cash.

And when the red bars drops down to a cheap level, human Greed comes into play where groups of people will buy the stock/currency. This makes a tiny blue bar. Others will see the little blue bar, and they’ll put in their money as an attempt to make extra cash. This pushes the blue bar up further. Which excites the Greed of the Herd, and they all gradually come back in to buy more stock or currency. When the blue bars hits a certain high level, human Greed comes into play again, where smart traders will cash out and take profit. This will shrink the blue bars and cause it to drop. And the cycle of mass idiocy happens all over again.

The cool thing about this is that the momentum of the Herd, follows the same basic principle as Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion: “In an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.” In other words – roughly stated: things like to keep moving in the same direction, and it’s hard to stop a moving train of human greed and fear.

And I think it’s all funny actually. Because you have all of these mundanes investing in a company’s stock/share. They’ll buy Apply stocks, and have all these nice things to say about the company for example. They love Apple products, and so on. But when the company’s stocks drop, they panic and cash out. Why? What happened to your EMT? What’s up with your fundamental analysis? What’s up with your prediction of the market? I thought you loved Apple Inc and its products? Why bail out? Why not all the millions of you come together and say: “Look everybody, we all love and cherish Apple Inc and iPhones, let us each pump in thousands more dollars to buy more shares to keep our beloved Apple stocks up high! Make it the Best and make us all big money!” Why do they cash out and abandon ship?

There was a time – in the very old days – when Sears [as in the Sears Tower and shopping malls] was the beloved Corporation of America: the apple in America’s economic eye. Now it’s on its death bed, at the verge of going bankrupt. It’s stocks are near worthless, or will become worthless very soon. What’s up with that? Why did you guys abandon ship? I thought you loved Sears? Because human nature dictates that everyone is looking after their own asses [assets].

The common, average, mundane person, does not think of their neighbor’s needs, welfare, wellbeing, and prosperity; no matter how altruistic or numinous we want to believe we are. Because when the shit hits the fan, we look out for our own asses. They think of their own need. And with the case of Sears, the need is to cash out and get rid of those stocks so as to save your own money. And you are merely one of millions and millions of people thinking in the same – self-centered – way. Such is the Nature of the Human Being. And with a zero sum game, all that money lost because of Sears’ great fall, went into other people’s pockets and made them rich. Can you believe that: there are people that get rich off of the herd mentality and self-centered nature of the Mass? It’s a beautiful thing.

Back Into The Market

I failed at trading stocks in the stock market a year ago, because I didn’t actually know anything about stocks and the stock market. So I spent time in the currency market, learning stuff. The currency market is like an ocean compared to the actual stock market, which is like a lake. Money wise, in the stock market you have something like 2000 corporations [New York Stock Exchange] and roughly 200 billion dollars moving in that Stock Market at any time. The currency market is made up of not banks and corporations, but of countries that open themselves up for other countries, banks, and people to buy, sell, and trade their currency; thus helping their economy. And so, the currency market; in size of money terms; handles the movement of roughly 5 Trillion dollars.

Smaller lakes, means more competition and bigger sharks. With the currency market being so huge as it is, no single country, bank, or group of corporations have the ability or power to manipulate the currency market [to their advantage]. But with the Stock Market, you do get market manipulation, such as “pump and dump” scams.

Pump and Dump scams are cool! Cool if you are observing them, that is, and not the victim of one. Pump and Dump is – for example – when a company or rich guy hangs out in a stock [usually pennystocks]. They’ll buy ads and hype the stock they are stalking. Dumb people will buy into the hype and begin to invest their money into that stock. Then the company or rich guy will gradually buy more of that stock so as to make it appear as if that stock is indeed good and growing. This triggers people’s Greed factor, and more people buy that stock. Which in turn pushes the value of the stock up higher, and higher. And then, suddenly: the company or rich guy will sell 100% of all their shares to take their profit, and the money of the dumb people. That stock drops and flatlines, leaving the dumb people with the baggage and losses. I love watching pump and dumps happen, especially when you watch it live on StockTwits. It’s hella funny and better than trolling!

It turned out to be a good idea to learn how to trade in the currency market, where it’s safer, and where there are no sharks and scams. After learning how human behavior works in the Market, and learning how to read charts and bars, I recently began “Paper Trading” the stock market to practice. Paper Trading is practice trading with fake money. It’s something you’re suppose to do as a beginner to learn how to trade for at least a year.


What I do now is go to Finviz, where you can scan every stock in the market based on various criteria for free. Amazingly, everything [the terms used] on the Finviz page I can now understand! After 6-7 months of study and practice in the currency market. I look for “gappers.” Gappers are those stocks that jump up or down significantly where they make a visible gap:


In the above picture, I was paper trading some stock called “ADSK.” You can see the gap: there is a big green bar that jumped up, way beyond the Bollinger Band even. Below the Bollinger Band, and underneath that gap jumping green bar is a huge Volume bar.

The Volume bar indicates how much money and people are in that bar. Usually a gapper comes into being when a big company, or big money, is investing into a stock. They use their corporate money to buy the stock. But they can’t use all their cash to buy all the stock they desire at one time, as this would manipulate the market, which is illegal; and because stocks aren’t as liquid at such great quantity. They have to gradually buy stocks, over the course of some time; ease into the market, if you will. This causes many people to become greedy, where they see the big green bar, and so they’ll jump into the trade and invest money, which will help push the bar up further, giving it some momentum.

So when you trade a green gapper, you buy shares of that stock, just after it has gapped, and you only have to wait 15-30 minutes to an hour to make a good amount of money. I wake up at 6AM in the morning [CA time] to search for gappers. 6AM California time is when the New York Stock Exchange opens market. When I find good gappers, I jump in, buy my shares, and wait for 30 minutes or so. It’s paper trading, so it’s not real money.

I use, which lets you use and see stock charts for free. In the above picture I made $1,800 [virtual money] off of SNDX stocks, and that only took about 30 minutes.


I cashed out of my SNDX paper trade, and stayed in the ADSK trade for a while. You can see the tiny red bar in the previous picture has become a green bar in this picture, in only 15 minutes; which translates into profit.


I cashed out around $700 [fake money] profit; which took only about 30 minutes to make. After many months of study and practice, that day I was able to make about $2,500 in about one hour during the morning.

I’ve grown to really, really, like the Markets. Different markets for different reasons. I love the currency markets because it’s fun and lucrative. I love the stock market because of the games people play in it. You get to see human nature in action. The greed. The fear. The mindless mass. And when you gain a good understanding of your market and of human behavior, you can take advantage of that mindless mass. You can make a lot of money for yourself and family. And since the Markets are a zero sum game, when you make a lot of money, it means some where in the world someone lost their savings… some family has gone hungry… someone’s home will be foreclosed. Yin & Yang. To every action there is an equal reaction, right?


And it’s Fractal. Because Life itself is the Great Zero Sum Game. When one nation wins, another has lost. When a nation has grown to become a rich nation, other nations have become poor. When a people in one country have their needs met, there are people in other countries who are living without electricity, clean drinking water, food. Isn’t it Beautiful? Don’t you feel wonderful, being in the comfort of your First World home, surrounded by food, junk food, $15 per hour minimum wage, new cars, fancy clothes, computer, 5G internet connection; knowing that the life you enjoy and the things you have: causally made a hundred poor people in developing nations die of starvation, die of easily curable illnesses?


I love it. I love knowing that as an American, I am a member of one of the world’s most powerful and richest nations; along with Europe and European people. Isn’t it wonderful to know this? To know that our people and nations, won the Great Zero Sum Game at the Expense of billions of other people? Don’t you see the Bigger Picture? That we as a people and nation manifested what we have, because we raped and pillaged, enslaved and used the Third World and it’s people? We won!


And the funny thing is we – as in us and our First World Developed Nations – are still currently raping the Third World and its people blind. How? It’s called the religion of Climate Change. We have to cut down on our carbon emissions! Which is cool for a rich developed country mind you. What you don’t realize or think about is that the same demand is placed on the Third World and its people: rather than be able to burn cheap coal and fossil fuel to power their poor countries, we sell those dirt poor Africans expensive solar cells to power their homes. Which solar cells barely make enough electricity to power two light bulbs! You smart people might ask: “Okay… but where do dirt poor Africans get money to buy solar cells to power their poor homes and villages, and electric cars from?” Good question! From the IMF and the World Bank, where else? And those of you who are smart will say: “Hey… wait! Aren’t our rich First World countries the main lender / money source of the IMF and the World Bank?” Why yes, indeed.

In a zero sum game, whenever there are winners, there are losers. It’s a fact most of us in our Developed Nations don’t want to think about or acknowledge. We’d rather brush it under the rug, and go about our day, like everything is all cool. The funny thing is: the world is as it should be and it won’t change… because we – Humanity – are the source of our human world. Some of you might say that money is the root of all evil. What is the root of that money? Some of you might believe that States are evil. What is the root of the State? Some of you might believe that Capitalism is evil. What is the root of Capitalism? Some of you might think that war is evil. What is the root of war? If not us. If such things are evil: then We are the Source of that Evil. Revel in your Human Nature. “He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest.” –BBS, O9A.