No School Today

Hannah hid under the covers, peeking out quietly, clutching her teddy bear tight for comfort, as she watched her mom cook the medicine in the spoon again.

The water in the spoon boiled over the lighter. The strange smell filled the room again. She watched her mom put the stuff in the spoon into one of the needles laying around by the ash tray, and her mom tightened the arm band with her teeth.

Hannah covered her eyes with her hands and peeked out a hole between her little fingers. She watched the needle go into her mom’s arm again. She grimaced. Her mother was sitting at the foot of the bed.

A bed that was a single mattress on the floor of a garage. There was a thin dry wall dividing their room from the rest of the garage. A few ash trays, filled with cigarette butts, and empty beer bottles were the room’s décor.

Hannah knew she wasn’t going to school that day.

Her mother’s eyes rolled back, and she leaned backwards, laying on their bed.

“Are you okay mama?”

“Yeah baby. We can go to play at the park in a while.”

“Okay!” she carefully took the needle off the bed where her mom left it, and placed it back by one of the ash trays. “I’m gunna put on my shoes and get ready!”

She didn’t feel like going to school anyway.



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