RIP Tiff…

I'm still in a state of shock. My cousin Tiffany took her own life yesterday at 1PM. She was 27 years old... only 3 years younger than me. It's hard to believe at the moment. We grew up together. My own sister-cousin... we lived together at grandma's. This holiday season isn't going to be good.... Continue Reading →


Holiday Season

Every October, November, & December are busy holiday season for me. Family and friends, Asian & Western holidays, and all that. I leave the internet during this time. So... I'm going to sign off for Holiday Season and come back in January. See you guys! Happy holidays everybody.


Woohoo! I reached 500 likes today! That's so cool! That's pretty great for a few months of activity. Thanks everybody.

Monday Morning

So I woke up this morning. Laying in bed with Vanessa beside me, still asleep. I take my phone and place an order for a trade. I wanted to scalp the AUS/CHF - Australian Dollar vs Swiss Money - for some pips. Scalping is when you jump into a trade, steel a few pips real... Continue Reading →

Things I Don’t Do

There are many things I don't do. My personal culture of person. Each person has their own private culture. What's a culture called when only one person observes/practices it? It's called a Habit. Your personal culture is your “Habitude.” Culture and Cultivate sharing the same root. A Culture is a Habitude a group of people... Continue Reading →

First Impressions

First impressions. It's important for things like job interviews and dating. The fact the such a thing as 'the first impression' even exists and is so important socially – let's not forget or deny that we humans are social creatures – demonstrates to some of us, something about our human nature most of us would... Continue Reading →

Watching Graphs

I like graphs. I've been watching graphs slowly move up and down for 10 years now [I've had other wordpresses in the past]. To me it's fun to watch. I'm mostly familiar with the WordPress graph we see in our stats page. I find the graphs to be interesting. Mondays seems to be the day... Continue Reading →

Thinking & How Ideas Spread

I'm taking a break today from reading fiction, and from writing poems or short stories, so I can go back to reading stuff I love to read: non-fiction stuff! I bought this book called "An Introduction To General Systems Thinking" a while back, which I haven't read yet. I have 427 Kindle books. It takes... Continue Reading →

Of Facebook & So On

So I've had a facebook for about a month now. Maybe three weeks. I can't remember. I've deleted it and reactivated it like about 6 times already. I was hating facebook majorly for the first few weeks. But I've found my peace. I started off on facebook joining a few groups for writers and aspiring... Continue Reading →

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