Things I Don’t Do

There are many things I don't do. My personal culture of person. Each person has their own private culture. What's a culture called when only one person observes/practices it? It's called a Habit. Your personal culture is your “Habitude.” Culture and Cultivate sharing the same root. A Culture is a Habitude a group of people... Continue Reading →


The Snowman

We went up to Mount Lemon. Snow in the desert. Made a snowman up there. The three of us. Childhood. Dunking bread in hot black coffee with sugar. The steam was as thick and white as the snow. We decided to make another snowman in the back of uncle's truck. To take him to the... Continue Reading →

Thinking & How Ideas Spread

I'm taking a break today from reading fiction, and from writing poems or short stories, so I can go back to reading stuff I love to read: non-fiction stuff! I bought this book called "An Introduction To General Systems Thinking" a while back, which I haven't read yet. I have 427 Kindle books. It takes... Continue Reading →

Of Facebook & So On

So I've had a facebook for about a month now. Maybe three weeks. I can't remember. I've deleted it and reactivated it like about 6 times already. I was hating facebook majorly for the first few weeks. But I've found my peace. I started off on facebook joining a few groups for writers and aspiring... Continue Reading →

Strip Club

I was hanging out with my friend June, around the corner of Imperial HWY and Harbor street right at the municipal border between Brea where I lived and La Habra city. It was a busy intersection, where each corner was a plaza packed with stores. A Target was the main store on one corner. A... Continue Reading →

Declaration Of The Acception

Declaration Of The Acception .:.It was stated in Nexion Zine 3.1 that the “White Star Acception” will evolve and reincarnate into a new Form which would be unrecognizable. What we meant back then was that the White Star Acception has shapeshifted into the memeplex and weltanschauung of Boreialism. The White Star Acception's evolution and reincarnation... Continue Reading →

Dead Girl

Ashley, her name was Ashley. She was the first and only dead girl I ever seen. She was a classmate of mine back in High School, when I went to Corona High, out in Riverside. This was during the tenth grade, a few months before I dropped out. I used to go to Fullerton High... Continue Reading →

The Wall Between Us

  some images and sounds from the past stay rooted in our memories like unwanted weeds that won't go away when I was little and my mother and father were still together we lived in an apartment and I had my own room there was a girl who lived next door to us who was... Continue Reading →

One Summer Break

  One summer break I stole a pink roll of bubble gum tape from the corner liquor store. It was the only thing I ever stole. I was nine. The week before I was told to talk to Blob who worked at the liquor store to keep him busy. His real name was Bob. He... Continue Reading →

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