Vices & Demons

He's my friend. Does heroin. He's Psycho. That's what They call him. On The streets. He Collects cans for His habit. He's a shibboleth. My skinhead friend Who does meth. He's Nein. That's what They call him. In Prison. He Robs people to Buy his drugs. He's a misanthrope. My friend who Sells dope. He's... Continue Reading →

One Summer Break

One summer break I stole a pink roll of bubble gum tape from the corner liquor store. It was the only thing I ever stole. I was nine. The week before I was told to talk to Blob who worked at the liquor store to keep him busy. His real name was Bob. He was... Continue Reading →

Red Light

"One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster..." I can lead you, like a moth, into the red light and intoxicate you with wine and Thai sticks and dine you in the little eateries along the streets then get you drunk on the red light hookers and whores of all shape and size boys... Continue Reading →

My Drive

I drive down a winding road called Hacienda, populated with haciendas, wrapped in dark fields of trees and hills, past Hsi Lai Temple, where we once ate a vegetarian buffet together in the back, by the gift shop, past the creek flanked by rows of tall bamboo, until the fields and hills flattens and normal... Continue Reading →

Morning Coffee

  The tea kettle whistled early this morning, a hazy, cloudy, cool summer day break. I stretch my sleepy muscles, my eyes open, taking in a fresh day's light, and search for my pajamas, discarded somewhere between my bed and books. In goes the coffee, instant, and out comes the aroma, filling the kitchen's atmosphere... Continue Reading →


Enter. A maze of shelves, front to back. Volumes of books, tessellated. Soft and hard, covered. Alphabetizes and grouped, by subject. Smell first, the pages. The scent of, fresh paper and ink. In a corner, I read. Hours and books, one after another. Sanctuary and refuge, retreated. Leave with one book, a mind full of... Continue Reading →


forgotten… dilapidated… unwanted… unneeded… i was once used… to shelter a people… wherein they went about their business… from which they built their cities… and expanded their civilizations away from me… they have gone their way… having fallen… what lives i once housed… what minds once beheld me… are lost now in time… yet i... Continue Reading →

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