Strangers In Bed

I loved her. Her personality. The body was just a vessel. Just a friend. Back then. Once a classmate. Once a co-worker. Yes, she was pretty. But I didn't like her like that. I was in love with her persona. And how it made me feel inside. I hated every moment we worked together. Those... Continue Reading →



The modern world reeks of liberal sentimentalism bleeding hearts of a pusillanimous generation political parties that kowtow to their weeping cunts the flaws of democracy empowers the common majority common people who today ironically lack commonsense blind to the consequences of their collective actions to allow such a breed and people to take the helm... Continue Reading →

First Day Of Autumn

The days have grown shorter the night comes quicker the mornings and evenings colder you can feel a change in the ether the steam of my coffee more visible now smoky white locks of swirls that dance and twist above my mug arising from a cup of liquid darkness they look like incense smoke carrying... Continue Reading →

When Trees Speak

I walked down a corridor of eucalyptus trees the horse trail shaded when I silence my mind these trees talk to my psyche their wisdom in a secret language of imagery and feeling there is an immediate understanding after a moment of reflection   I pondered on life of where we came from and where... Continue Reading →

Season Of Fall

The September sun goes down early below the horizon the day dies young in dim orange The atmosphere is chilly in the evenings the sky dotted with pink clouds the leaves turn orange September is usually hot but this year the gods were kind it's been cool all month it will be a beautiful autumn... Continue Reading →

Down The Drain

Swish, down the drain, the pain, swirling, whirling down the hole My troubles, down the plumbing, numbing, burning, yearning, for another bottle Caressed, in his arms, I discovered, uncovered, found out, heard about, what you did But, I'm not mad, or sad, not a fit, about it, because it's fate I'm happy to let you... Continue Reading →

Rose Hill

I walked along the lake side and heard the frogs croaking birch and acorn trees around the fields of dry barley on the high hills a rose bush with red roses budding blue dragonflies flew about my dog watched from below as I hung from the oak tree a noose around my neck

Dark Clouds

for a brief moment our experiences burns in our mind like the scorching sun then they vaporize and become clouds in our mind's sky they drift about casting their shadows and as one gets older the clouds collect until your mind is grey and everything becomes engulfed in shadows of the past


Wispy willows wisped in the wind Along Silverbell Lake, a hundred miles from the sunset I sat that windy evening in a gazebo My uncle and his friends were foraging for frogs and duck eggs With flashltights in one hand and beers in the other I was surrounded by the large light bulb's halo of... Continue Reading →

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