A Dreccian Sport

A Dreccian Sport A large fight broke out off campus after school, across the street in the parking structure. Brandon Lopezsmith was watching on the sidewalk, just outside the structure. There were about 20 Dreccs all dressed in Doc Martens, blue jeans, tank tops, grey suspenders, black crew jackets, and folded grey bandannas hanging out... Continue Reading →

The Gardener

[I threw down random cards and built a story out of them.] The Gardener It was another fight with the jerk. Angela was becoming tiresome of him, of his behaviour, her boyfriend Marvin. He had come home late that day, drunk, with the fragrance of another girl on him. It wasn't a perfume Angela wore.... Continue Reading →

The Accident

I ran in front of her car that night and I saw her die as she swerved, trying not to hit me. I saw her face from afar, sleepy she was, her head dosing and dropping. I had waited long for the perfect victim. I screamed when she saw me. Our eyes met, our souls... Continue Reading →

No School Today

Hannah hid under the covers, peeking out quietly, clutching her teddy bear tight for comfort, as she watched her mom cook the medicine in the spoon again. The water in the spoon boiled over the lighter. The strange smell filled the room again. She watched her mom put the stuff in the spoon into one... Continue Reading →

Dirty Money

So I’m driving around Compton, down South Willowbrook to pick up Blue Jay on the corner of Alondra. I light my Camels cigarette and I’m driving chill down the avenue, bumping some old school rap, Run DMC to be specific, ‘Down With The King’ to be exact, drinking a red cup full of Heineken, old... Continue Reading →

Dreams And Destiny

[Non-Fiction story. Circa 30 pages. This was written way back in 2013. People, names, situations, & events are/were real. It's easier for me to write stories based on real people and events. The story is about me & my Significant Other and a guy who comes in between us. A fourth person, another girl, enters... Continue Reading →

Red Velvet

I was a hot and humid summer day, the day the red mud fell from the sky, it had rained lightly that day for an hour, and the rain had stopped and quickly evaporated, filling the city with this muggy, ugly, sticky, stuffy feeling. Then, after an eerie silence, no wind or air current, the... Continue Reading →

Of Men And Women

Finally, Tim was right about something. It's just inhuman for her to be right all the time, he thought. “I told you it was a left turn. I knew it!” he said triumphantly. His wife rolled her eyes, “There's not going to be any parking.”

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