Strangers In Bed

I loved her. Her personality. The body was just a vessel. Just a friend. Back then. Once a classmate. Once a co-worker. Yes, she was pretty. But I didn't like her like that. I was in love with her persona. And how it made me feel inside. I hated every moment we worked together. Those... Continue Reading →


Watching Graphs

I like graphs. I've been watching graphs slowly move up and down for 10 years now [I've had other wordpresses in the past]. To me it's fun to watch. I'm mostly familiar with the WordPress graph we see in our stats page. I find the graphs to be interesting. Mondays seems to be the day... Continue Reading →

Horny Beast

Unable to outrun him, Jane played dead, laying on the ground, with her tongue sticking out one side of her mouth and her eyes rolled back, not blinking. The triceratops came closer to her, grunting. His top two horns were longer than the length of her legs. The lower one was dull tipped and shorter... Continue Reading →


It was the first time Chloe had ridden a Stormjumper. She just turned five that day. Her great grandmother, of the same name, was the first to produce a working Stormjumper, the first living human being to jump Jupiter's great storm, and eventually became the Territorial Governor of Tau Ceti Delta. It was a kilometer... Continue Reading →

Patience Is A Virtue

He had a strand of her hair which he removed from her shirt long ago. Auburn and straight. Kept in an air tight lock. And a piece of gum she spat out, which he picked up and saved when she wasn't looking. They met during college in New Columbia, a lunar territory of the United... Continue Reading →

Church Days

Their carpet was covered in clothes. Some wet with cat piss. It smelled like urine in their house. There were cats everywhere and many kittens. The kittens got into Mike's boots. He stepped on one of the kittens. It didn't die. Now it just limps around. They had to take it to the vet. I... Continue Reading →

Those Cold Nights

It was cold that night in the car. I was shivering. I guess Dad saw, because he placed his blanket over mine. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was dark outside. The windows were covered in fog but I could see the snow falling on them. The ice slowly forming along the... Continue Reading →

Wild Safari

The she-elephant planting wet kisses on his body with her nostrils, as she straddled him, sliding her hungry feminine center rhythmically up and down Fred's engorged manhood. Fred rolled his eyes in ecstasy when she tightened her massive muscles around his raging shaft. His moans penetrated the hot African savanna.

Jurassic Heat

Mary arched her back lordotically and moaned eagerly, the hot waves of yearning, vibrating through her supple body as the brontosaurus's throbbing member made its way slowly up her soft milky white thighs.

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